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COP15 second phase meeting: Yunnan shows harmonious coexistence between human and nature to the world

On December 7 local time, the second phase of the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) was held in Montreal, Canada, the seat of the Convention's secretariat.

In accordance with the agenda of the conference and the requirements of the National Executive Committee Office,

the Yunnan delegation went to Montreal to attend the conference and hold a series of activities.


In October 2021, the first phase of COP15 was successfully held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.For the second phase of the conference, a total of eight delegations from Yunnan Province were organized to attend, including the Yunnan Provincial Government delegation, Kunming Municipal Government delegation, exhibition and nature and culture summit delegation, city summit delegation, very small population species and biodiversity protection side meeting delegation, Honghe Hani terrace biodiversity protection practice side meeting delegation, regional biodiversity protection and cooperation side meeting delegation, and media coverage delegation.Currently, some delegations have arrived in Montreal, and the rest will depart in the coming days.

During the conference, the Yunnan delegation will hold a series of activities to introduce Yunnan to the world, and show the experience and achievements of the province in biodiversity protection. Among them, the conference activities mainly include nature and culture summit, city summit, very small population species and biodiversity protection side meeting, Honghe Hani terrace biodiversity protection practice and effect side meeting, and regional biodiversity protection and cooperation side meeting.Meanwhile, the Yunnan delegation will tell the story of Yunnan biodiversity protection in international language through exhibition activities.


"Where the Asian Elephant Wandering Story Happened--Exhibition of Yunnan Practice and Achievements in Biodiversity Conservation" will introduce to the participants representative cases and related cultural heritage stories in the field of biodiversity protection in Yunnan.In addition, Yunnan characteristic folk songs and dances will be presented in many activities of the conference, especially on December 16 "Yunnan Theme Day", guests from all countries can not only watch Yunnan theme propaganda film, taste Yunnan characteristic tea and coffee, but also enjoy the performance of folk singers.In addition, the conference "China Corner" will set up a Yunnan exhibition area, displaying Yunnan fungi, Yunhua, Yunyao and other characteristic biological products as well as Yunnan biodiversity stamp album, etc., from December 7 to December 19. It is reported that during the second stage of the conference, Yunnan will also participate in the theme promotion meeting of China-Quebec Cooperation Forum, with the help of the platform to further introduce, promote and promote Yunnan, and seek more cooperation with all parties. Showing the harmonious coexistence of human and nature in Yunnan to the world

During the second session of the world-renowned COP15 held in Montreal, Canada, where the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity is located, Yunnan elements and Kunming elements will be displayed continuously.On the opening ceremony of the conference, ethnic performances from Yunnan will vividly deduce the colorful ethnic culture of Yunnan.During the conference, three side meetings, namely "Species with Very Small Population and Biodiversity Conservation", "Regional Biodiversity Conservation and Cooperation" and "Practice Effects of Biodiversity Conservation in Honghe Hani Terraced Fields", will fully demonstrate the ecological civilization construction and biodiversity protection achievements in Yunnan.


Including the protection of Yunnan golden monkeys, the restoration of the Erhai Lake ecosystem, the rescue and protection of the very small population of Yangbu chrysanthemum, and the development of Yun fungus, Yun flower and Yun medicine industry, the Yunnan model of "National Culture Promoting Nature Conservation" and "Natural Conservation Promoting National Culture Inheritance", the most characteristic traditional culture of biodiversity and the stories of protection and inheritance will be wonderfully presented at the second session, conveying to the world the beauty of Yunnan's landscape, culture, history and development, and showing the ecological civilization picture of the long-term harmonious coexistence of people of all ethnic groups in Yunnan with nature. Contributing to the global biodiversity protection With the theme of "Ecological Civilization: Building a Community of Life on Earth",


COP15 will formulate the "Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework" and set new goals for global biodiversity protection.


In October 2021, the first stage of COP15 was successfully held in Kunming, with fruitful results and strong social response.The conference adopted the landmark "Kunming Declaration", announced the establishment of the Kunming Biodiversity Fund, held the Ecological Civilization Forum, and issued the initiative of "Protecting biodiversity and building a global ecology".


The "Kunming Declaration" and the Kunming Biodiversity Fund are named after the word "Kunming", making Kunming Yunnan the focus of the world. The journey of the Asian elephant from north to south warmed the world, causing widespread resonance across the world, and also causing great interest and attention from the world to the biodiversity and protection work in Yunnan. Media at home and abroad actively reported the progress of the conference and related issues, told the stories of China's biodiversity in various forms, and netizens appreciated China's biodiversity protection work, creating a good online and offline atmosphere. During the second stage of the conference, Yunnan province will join hands with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), UNESCO, IUCN and China Environmental News Association to co-host the "Nature and Cultural Diversity Summit", aiming to seriously consider the value of natural diversity, clarify the link between biodiversity and cultural diversity, and share experience on how to restore and strengthen the link, in order to support the implementation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.


The 7th Global Cities and Local Governments Biodiversity Summit: Kunming will serve as an important partner.The summit mainly focuses on eight sub-forums, including the role and action of local governments in the "Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework", urban development planning and natural city construction, wetland and biodiversity protection, ecological industry and healthy city, strengthening basic research on biodiversity, implementing "nature-based solutions", climate change and biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration. The purpose is to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with global cities and local governments, and promote global cities and local governments to reach a higher level of biodiversity protection, reach more consensus and achieve more results.


Showing the world the achievements of Yunnan's biodiversity protection As the host of the first phase of COP15, Kunming, the Spring City, attracts the attention of the world.During the conference, Kunming's beautiful city scenery, beautiful city image and thorough service left a deep impression on the participants. It also showed the achievements of Yunnan's biodiversity protection to the world, greatly improving the city's international popularity, attraction and influence.

Although it has been a year, the "beautiful girl" flower beds in Jinbi Square in downtown Kunming are still popular places for tourists to "clock in".The 100 groups of three-dimensional flower beds with distinct themes and novel shapes throughout the city are one of the carriers of Kunming to show the diversity and beauty of Yunnan to the world during the first phase of COP15.


In the more than two years of preparation for the conference, Kunming has carried out work on the city appearance and environment, municipal facilities, smart city and other aspects, and tried to present the beautiful image of the "Spring City" and "Flower Capital" to the world.


Through the in-depth implementation of the "four modernizations" and "four governance", the ten major renovation actions of the city appearance and environment and seven major actions to improve the city quality in the main urban area, Kunming has implemented 50 projects to improve the quality of the city appearance and environment, created 15 beautiful model streets and 33 flower and tree streets, optimized the traffic network in the main urban area, improved the travel environment for citizens, and significantly improved the city image. In addition to creating three-dimensional flower beds, Kunming also added 352 hectares of urban green land, completed the construction of 21 tree-lined roads, built 54,000 mu of Dianchi Lake waterfront ecological wetland, built the Caohai Greenway, and built the Cuihu slow runway, making the city's image more beautiful and colorful.Focusing on biodiversity exhibition and display, the high standard construction of COP15 permanent achievements display site Fuli Palace and Baofeng Peninsula Wetland, and open to the public for free, fully displaying the rich species diversity of Yunnan's "botanical kingdom", Dianchi Lake waterfront biodiversity, Yunnan's unique biological resources and biodiversity protection achievements.The implementation of 28 key projects such as smart transportation, smart urban management, smart bus, the construction and application of "smart traffic management · Kunming brain", and the completion of 12,000 5G base stations.Through the preparation for COP15, the city has achieved organic renewal, the city appearance and environment has achieved a big change, the city quality has achieved a big upgrade, and brought a real sense of happiness to the people. "The opportunities and influence brought by COP15 to Kunming are all-round.The successful holding of COP15 has allowed the world to more directly understand Kunming, the ubiquitous 'Kunming elements', and Kunming's openness, inclusiveness, civilization, beauty, and ecological livability, which has left a deep impression on the friends at home and abroad attending the conference." Xu Xiaomei, director of the publicity department of Kunming Municipal Committee, introduced that as the host city of the first stage of the conference, Kunming will actively participate in the relevant agenda of the second stage of COP15, and contribute to the global biodiversity protection and show Kunming's contribution.

Let beautiful Yunnan become a "beautiful business card" of beautiful China

As the ecological security barrier in southwest China, Yunnan bears the strategic task and major responsibility of maintaining regional, national and even international ecological security.


Especially since the first stage of COP15, Yunnan has further established the concept of ecological civilization of respecting nature, complying with nature and protecting nature by the east wind of the conference. The implementation opinions on the implementation of the pollution prevention and control battle have been formulated. Further improve the policy, increase the intensity, adhere to the ecological priority, green development, and bring biodiversity into the system governance of the life community of mountains, forests, lakes, grass and sand. The concept of ecological civilization has become increasingly popular, and "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains" has become the consensus and action of the people of the province.

From green towns, green communities, green villages, green transportation to green rivers and lakes, green campuses, green parks and green scenic spots, the innovation practice of beautiful China in Yunnan has been fully opened.

Up to now 90% of the province's important ecosystems and 80% of important species have been effectively protected. Yunnan's biodiversity protection work has remained in the forefront of the country, and the ecological environment quality has been steadily improved.From January to October this year, the excellent and good rate of air quality in the 16 prefectures (cities) where the government is located reached 99.7%, 1.3 percentage points higher than the same period last year;the excellent and good rate of water quality in state-controlled sections reached 90.0%, 0.4 percentage points higher than the same period last year. All cross-border sections have reached the standard, making the ecological security barrier in southwest China more solid. Firmly establishing the concept of "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains", Yunnan has made full use of biological resources, carried out the practice and innovation of the "two mountain theories", and taken the building of "green energy, green food, healthy life destination" as the breakthrough point to accelerate green development in Yunnan. Biological advantage industries such as cloud flower, cloud medicine, cloud tea, cloud fruit and cloud fungus have gradually taken shape, and plateau characteristic agriculture, eco-tourism, biomedicine, and biological breeding industries have been growing.Promoting biodiversity protection and poverty reduction and rural revitalization resonate at the same frequency, and the advantage of ecological resources is becoming the advantage of Yunnan's economic development.Focus on being the leader in ecological civilization construction, and expand the path to realize the value of ecological products. Beautiful Yunnan, with its ecological beauty, environmental beauty, urban beauty, rural beauty, landscape beauty and cultural beauty, has become a "bright business card" of the construction of beautiful China.


As the host of the first phase of COP15,

Yunnan will show its unique biodiversity and protection achievements through the activities of the second phase of COP15

Tell the story of Yunnan in international language

Show the style of Yunnan

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