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About “Design for Peace”

What is “Design for Peace”? “Design for Peace” Global Peace Initiative is a joint initiative of UNESCO and the Nanjing Peace Forum Organizing Committee. It involves governments, corporates from private sector, research institutions, media, and practitioners from civil society to select outstanding and creative solutions for peacebuilding. The initiative aims to raise awareness and promote understanding of peace among different parts of the world and to inspire institutions, groups, and individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnicities, and capacity to submit creative solutions based on the concept of “Design for Peace”. The initiative is the call for all, especially Generation Z, to take action jointly facing and addressing global peace challenges. Therefore, we can build a more sustainable, just, and harmonious world.

The initiative establishes a Peace Impact Fund to support peace practitioners and model projects worldwide tackling social problems and promoting regional development. It provides participants with capacity-building support through expert reviews, debate competitions, workshops, seminars, project roadshows, and other activities.

The initiative was launched during the 2nd Nanjing Peace Forum in 2021 with a focus on the core theme of “Living in Harmony with Nature for Peace”, with different sub-themes open for innovative and feasible solutions incorporating the ecological perspective. The initiative will run until the end of May 2023 with review.

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